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A Long Time Ago, On a Ride Far Far Away…

It is a period of civil war. Rebel guests, standing in front of a
hidden base, have won their first victory against the Disney

After the battle, Rebel spies managed to get their first look at
Disney’s ultimate ride, STAR TOURS, a 3D update to the
classic Hollywood Studios adventure with enough hype
to destroy a planet.

Pursued by Disney’s cast members, Fawkes Allen races home
aboard his starship, custodian of the knowledge that can tell
you just whether it can save Disney and restore Star Wars …

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A Day In The Life: Single Rider at Animal kingdom

January 19, 2011 1 comment
Expedition Everest's Single Rider Entrance

So I reused the frame. It was a good trick!

There are few places in the world that I personally find as enjoyable to share as Walt Disney World. It’s a resort that isn’t meant to be experienced alone, but then again, what great experience is? All things are made better by others after all, aren’t they? Well, no, not everything, but in this case I just couldn’t imagine doing Disney alone. Thankfully, at Walt Disney World, if nowhere else, I can make sure that I’m never quite alone. Even if I start my journey by myself passing through the turnstiles, I know and can expect to have spent a good time amongst friends and acquaintances by the end.

Not everyone comes to Disney with a full compliment, some people are always a bit odd. They have an empty seat that is left that way whether by chance, circumstance, or choice. At Disney, it doesn’t matter why it’s empty, just that it is. And so, for the duration of a ride, I fill that empty space whether they wanted it or not. I’m the one who rounds out the oddness and makes it something more.

This is a day in the life of a Single Rider at Animal Kingdom.

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Of Failure and Regret

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

If there has been any one thing that above the rest has inspired me, it would be Walt Disney. Not so much the man, as the legacy, as the idea. Someone so invested in the idea of progress that he could come up with the idea for E.P.C.O.T., yet so very much mired in the realties of the world around him as to embrace capitalism. A lot of Disney’s early rides were very much long advertisements for various brands. The Carousel of Progress was created for the World’s Fair and showed off a range of G.E. technology and appliances. World of Motion was about travel; the future of automobiles and transportation as seen through the lens of General Motors. The core of those rides though, the things that made Disney’s attractions stand out was a certain Optimism about it all. The same optimism and originality you find in the works of Roddenberry or Henson. These were men who through it all, knew what the world was, but saw what it could be.

They inspired me, and even the name of this little slice of the web I call mine is a reference to that. Just One Spark, One Little Spark, of inspiration. What better way to start things off then than with a post about my failures and my regrets.

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