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A Week In The Life: RIFT

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Or: How I Learned to Hate the Genre But Love The Gameplay, (For certain definitions of Love.)

It’s a lie to call this a review of RIFT as a game. A Review of RIFT as a game is basically boiled down to ‘Like X but,’ and there’s really no point to that. I haven’t actually played some of the games personally, that I’d be comparing it too. This is more a review of the whole style of this genre of MMORPG as it relates to RIFT in specific. There won’t be stunning revelations here, I’m hardly the first person to bring these points up. A summary of my review could be gotten by playing Progress Quest or Progress Wars if one wanted. Nonetheless, here’s my take on how to beat a dead horse.

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A Day In The Life: Single Rider at Animal kingdom

January 19, 2011 1 comment
Expedition Everest's Single Rider Entrance

So I reused the frame. It was a good trick!

There are few places in the world that I personally find as enjoyable to share as Walt Disney World. It’s a resort that isn’t meant to be experienced alone, but then again, what great experience is? All things are made better by others after all, aren’t they? Well, no, not everything, but in this case I just couldn’t imagine doing Disney alone. Thankfully, at Walt Disney World, if nowhere else, I can make sure that I’m never quite alone. Even if I start my journey by myself passing through the turnstiles, I know and can expect to have spent a good time amongst friends and acquaintances by the end.

Not everyone comes to Disney with a full compliment, some people are always a bit odd. They have an empty seat that is left that way whether by chance, circumstance, or choice. At Disney, it doesn’t matter why it’s empty, just that it is. And so, for the duration of a ride, I fill that empty space whether they wanted it or not. I’m the one who rounds out the oddness and makes it something more.

This is a day in the life of a Single Rider at Animal Kingdom.

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